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Assembly of Electrical & Control Panel

We takes a flexible approach to the design of LV control panels and LV motor control centres (LV MCCs), providing options such as a compact Form 2a ‘wardrobe’ solutions or enhanced Form 4a/b compartmentalised, reliable, and maintainable solutions.
We will ensure your facility and assets have all the up-time you need, even in the most extreme circumstances – whether dual-incomers and generator supplies, options for paralleling supplies, or UPS solutions.
LV Panel Assembly
Corustar Technological Services

We provide a wide range LV assembly solutions


At Corustar Technological Services, we provide a wide range of bespoke LV assembly solutions, offering impressive flexibility to an extensive list of clients. Each manufactured solution features high-quality design with robust construction and testing, in strict accordance with our BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management procedures.

Intelligent Design

Using intelligent 2D electrical design software and 3D CAD systems, our LV assembly solutions take into consideration important environmental and in-service requirements. For example, the space needed to gland and terminate cables, and safe access for maintenance personnel to carry out routine tasks and modifications (through internal separation).

3D BIM designs allow us to work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders on aspects such as clash detection and defining access routes, allowing clients and end-users to visualize how proposed designs will integrate with the requirements of the building in which the LV assemblies are to be installed.

LV Assemblies

Our LV assembly solutions offer current ratings up to 6300A in enclosures with various ratings of IP code, incorporating busbar systems with short-time withstand ratings of 25kA, 50kA, 80kA, and 100kA for 1 second, each tested and design-verified to BS EN 61439-2 (power switchgear and control gear assemblies).

All of our LV assembly designs are verified across the full range of required technical characteristics, including temperature-rise limits and electromagnetic compatibility. This is achieved through ongoing, third-party accredited independent testing at dedicated laboratories across the UK and Europe.

LV Solutions

Corustar is a leading supplier of LV assemblies including packaged sub-stations and main/sub-main LV switchboards and motor control centers (MCCs) and control panels.

Our LV solutions are manufactured and tested within our 2500m² workshop, using intelligent design and advanced manufacturing processes. This means you get quality-assured products with fast build times.

We offer full turnkey projects including site installation, extended warranty periods, on-site support and after-sales service from a team of experienced engineers.

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