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Expert Commercial Electrical Services Tailored to Your Business

Experience Reliable Wiring, Lighting, Generator and Transformer Installation, Solar & Inverter Solutions, and CCTV for Your Commercial Spaces."

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Welcome to Corustar Technological Services, your trusted partner for comprehensive and reliable commercial electrical services in Nigeria. With years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we provide top-notch solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements


Our experts ensure efficient and reliable wiring installations for commercial establishments, adhering to safety standards and utilizing high-quality materials. Trust us to handle all your electrical wiring needs, whether it’s for new constructions, renovations, or expansions.


Enhance your commercial spaces with our professional lighting solutions. We design and install energy-efficient lighting systems that create a welcoming and productive environment, while also reducing energy costs.

Generator and Transformer

Ensure uninterrupted power supply with our expert generator and transformer installation services. We offer efficient installations of generators and transformers that are customized to meet your power requirements and ensure seamless operations.

Solar & Inverter Solutions

Embrace sustainable energy with our solar and inverter solutions for commercial properties. Our team will assess your energy needs and design a tailored system that maximizes energy efficiency and reduces your reliance on the grid.


CCTV: Protect your business assets and enhance security with our advanced CCTV solutions. We provide comprehensive CCTV installation services, including high-quality cameras, monitoring systems, and remote access for effective surveillance.

Learn more about Corustar Technological Services, a leading provider of commercial electrical solutions in Nigeria. We are committed to delivering excellence, reliability, and tailored solutions to meet the unique electrical needs of business.

Our mission is to provide superior commercial electrical services that enhance the productivity and efficiency of businesses. We value professionalism, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our team of skilled electricians who specialize in commercial electrical services. With their expertise and experience, we ensure high-quality workmanship and efficient project execution for our clients.

We hold relevant certifications and affiliations that demonstrate our commitment to delivering reliable and safe electrical solutions to our commercial clients.


Wiring: Our skilled electricians handle commercial wiring installations for new constructions, renovations, and expansions. We ensure compliance with safety regulations and deliver efficient and reliable electrical systems.

Lighting: Transform your commercial spaces with our expert lighting solutions. We design and install custom lighting systems that create an inviting atmosphere, enhance productivity, and reduce energy consumption.

Generator and Transformer Installation: Trust us for seamless installation of generators and transformers to ensure uninterrupted power supply for your business. We customize installations based on your power requirements and ensure optimal performance.

Solar & Inverter Solutions: Embrace sustainable energy solutions with our customized solar and inverter systems. We analyse your energy needs, design an efficient solution, and install high-quality solar panels and inverters for reliable power generation.

CCTV: Safeguard your business premises with our advanced CCTV systems. Our tailored solutions include high-definition cameras, remote monitoring and recording capabilities, ensuring comprehensive security and peace of mind for your business.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Corustar Technological Services has been our reliable partner for commercial electrical maintenance and repairs. Their team is always prompt in addressing any issues we encounter, and their expertise ensures minimal downtime for our operations. Their commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction is unmatched.
Madam Tammy
Restaurant Owner
We highly recommend Corustar Technological Services for their exceptional CCTV installations. They carefully assessed our security needs and installed a comprehensive surveillance system that provides us with peace of mind. The quality of their equipment and the clarity of the footage are outstanding. Their expertise and reliability have made a significant difference in our business security.
James M.
Office Manager
Corustar Technological Services exceeded our expectations with their solar and inverter solutions. They designed and installed a customized system for our office building, greatly reducing our reliance on the grid and lowering our energy costs. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability have made them our go-to electrical service provider.
Rasak K.
Business Owner
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